Using VR 360 presentations in forums

Virtual reality and shooting 360 — application in the organization of forums. Numerous opportunities that new technologies bring to business events.

VR video is used very actively today. It is used in special projects of large organizations and in the creation of ordinary videos, which are then uploaded to Youtube.

Features of VR 360 technology

To obtain 360 ° video, special equipment is used, equipped with lenses, they are directed oppositely to each other. Spherical images are obtained using two lenses with a 180 degree field of view. The quality of the picture depends on the number of lenses; the more, the better.

Cameras are now available with six lenses, enough to produce stunning high-resolution images.

At the end of the shooting, all video streams are subject to synchronization — viewers do not see seams. Images captured with cameras with multiple lenses are more difficult to glue together. In some models there is an option to staple in automatic mode, in others you have to do it yourself. The viewing angle also plays a role: when the video streams overlap each other, the pictures are «smooth».

In spherical cameras, the possibility of remote control is provided. This can be done using special applications created by the developers or via a smartphone.

Using virtual reality technologies in organizing forums

Virtual reality technologies are also used in the organization of forums. Such events are often large-scale. The organizational process is complex and requires many details to be taken into account. It is necessary to think over the program of the upcoming event, take care of the delivery of the participants to the place of its holding, accommodation.

In order to popularize forums, attract interest in such events, 360 ° shooting is often used.

There is an intensive development of virtual reality technologies and their applications. They open up numerous opportunities in organizing mass, cultural and business events that must be used.

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